Fastest Woodcutting XP in Runescape (OSRS)

Method #1: 1.5t Teaks


Xp/Hr: 195-210k/hr~

Description: New method possible because of hardwood farming. You need 35 farming and Fossil Island access to do this. The basic idea is that you herb tar – move – click on the tree in a 3 tick cycle. Something about moving makes the game think you are attempting to cut the tree twice in 3 ticks, so you get 2 rolls to get a log every 3 ticks, making this 1.5t woodcutting. You will want graceful gloves/cape and staminas to do this method as you will be running a lot. Drop logs whilst you are moving.

Note: this section was written before the ring of endurance was released; keeping one charged and equipped one will make the stamina potions you have with you last longer.

Method #2: 2t Teaks


Xp/Hr: 175-185k/hr~

Description: Using the two birds on ape atoll and a 2 tick weapon to auto retaliate and start a 2 tick cycle. Get the birds to attack you 2 ticks apart with a dragon spear spec or by luring them. Hard to explain in text, Eeli’s guide is really good so make sure to give it a watch. It’s a good idea to use darts to cancel the woodcutting animation as this is a great place to get your fletching xp.

Another alternative spot is inside Prif. Using this grants you shards for crystal equipment so if you want to use the crystal axe/harpoon/pickaxe then this is a pretty efficient way of gathering shards.

Method #3: Redwoods Video:

Xp/Hr: 65k+ exp/hr Description: AFK method of training woodcutting, very easy to do on your phone or while playing an alt.

For information on whether you should use crystal or infernal axe check the crystal tool document in

Method #4: 3t & 2.666t Teaks Video:

Xp/Hr: 3t ~115khr | 2.666t ~130khr Description:

Basic information:
Guide was made before Fossil Island (1.5t method) and was made for pures or other accounts that couldn’t access ape atoll (2t method)
But this is still a very good method for anyone who thinks 1.5t or 2t is too much for them, but still wants to get better exphr than afking redwoods.

3t Method: Extremely easy and relaxing, doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of.

2.666t Method: Will take you a bit to get the hang of, but after that the method is very easy and relaxing. You’ll watch TV shows or whatever at the same time with ease.

Other Notes:
The video is made extremely in-depth and easy for anyone to follow.
If you’re a more experienced skiller, don’t bother trying to put yourself through watching the whole video. You’re likely to get the hang of the method by just going to the description of the video and opening one of the 120fps -titled videos.
The video does however contain a lot of information and tips, so if you’re really interested, be sure to watch the whole thing.

Understanding of the 3t method is required for the 2.666t method, I’d highly recommend first getting the 3t method down, then learning the 2.666t method.

Method #5: Sulliuscep woodcutting

Xp/Hr: 115k+ (lumberjack and no afking) Description: Located on the south western side of fossil island, a new woodcutting method introduced. As the fastest way to obtain fossils if people are looking to complete their museum or just want semi-afk exp/hr you can equip your best range defense if you don’t want to pay minimal attention. You are UNABLE to pray against the tar monster, but with it dealing range damage you can equip your best range def bonuses. The route is fixed and different for each person, so if you see someone chopping the same mushroom with you, it shouldn’t affect you. So if you can’t find it when you first teleport there, check the other numbers on where it is then start the route from there. Bringing 9 mushrooms to fill the mudpit at the start allows you to safely travel from 6→1 without taking any damage. This is always recommend due to the fact you can take upwards of 50 damage.

route for reference

extra notes ; bring antidote and rake (as seen in video) and 6-10 brews depending on inventory setup. hp cape and regen brace is the juice.

1. Holy Symbol + Prayer Book cures poison, up to 33 times before you have to refresh prayer (and its not terribly common to get poisoned, so it lasts longer than antidote)

2. Dinh’s Bulwark is great too. You have to have axe in inventory, but the damage reduction and extra def is definitely worth the inventory space loss (Using lumberjack with a dinhs and you will be fine)

3. You don’t want to do it on the same world as someone else, because they can spawn tar monsters when they’re moving to the next mushroom while you’re still at one, and in some cases the tar monster can start attacking you.

4. gear example of what you could bring. 5. You use around 840 charges per hour here with signet. so each crystal shard is worth 13,67k wc xp.