Inferno Chinchompas Guide – OSRS

Initial Tips:

Strongly advised to only start bringing Chinchompas when your PB is close to 65 or lower as they tend to lose you time if not used properly

Ely is a big upgrade over Crystal Shield, and Dragonfire Ward is an upgrade over Ely once you’re s55 or better

The point of chins:

Save time by hitting other NPCs while the blob goes through death animation, (two Blowpipe hits is also really good), then chinning the miniblob stack

Using them to hit nibblers at the start of early waves instead of barraging to save ticks

Hit NPCs far outside of Blowpipe

Tagging Zuk healers in some situations/Jad if you’re skipping it

Waves to start with chins instead of barraging

Mainly preference but you should always stop chinning around the first mage wave as excessive chinning takes a toll on pillar health

Some people opt to ice barrage from waves 28-31 as they contain quite a lot of monsters which can be hard to be tick perfect with chins

A good idea is to blood barrage the start of a wave if your hp is in the 60 area or below, this depends on the wave complexity

Chinning 6 Nibs > Blood Barraging > do NOT Ice Barrage (it’s actually bad on average because it generates unclumped nibblers

Chinning miniblobs efficiently:

Mage/melee miniblobs have 0 range def, the Ranger has 25, meaning chinning those will be better than hitting the Ranger

Strive to kill the Blob from the North/East side, this way you are much more likely to clump the Melee miniblob with the others

Best DPS is to do two blowpipe hits on a nearby NPC while the blob dies – but this is not always possible, throwing 1 chin instead then moving to a good position is a solid compromise


Look for ways to get an NPC’s south-west tile to get in the clump for a big chin, here are a couple of clips as examples:

Killing blob from north:

Killing blob from east (while clumping another NPC):

Chinning NPC with Nibbler on South Pillar: