Ironman – Beginner Clue – Guide – OSRS

Setup 1 (Premade Items)

Beginner Clue

Standard – Water, Law, Earth

Setup 2 (No Premade Items)

Beginner Clue

Standard – Water, Law, Earth

Other Information


• Most efficient way to obtain Beginner Clues is by killing Goblins southeast of Draynor Manor.

• Items in the bottom of Inventory are for Charlie the Tramp Steps and some other useful Teleports depending on the Teleports available to you.

• You can buy both the raw Trout and Pike from Rufus in Canifis. (There is a Cooking Range next to Charlie the Tramp, having them in your inventory allows you to complete the step instantly)

• Standard Spellbook should be used to Teleport to the main cities quickly.

• Good Teleports to have in the House include Senntisten, Draynor Manor teleport, Spirit Tree to Port Sarim and Maxed Jewellery Box. Can substitute Elemental Runes to any Combination Rune Staff and Runes. Example: Steam Battlestaff with Law, Air and Earth runes.

• You will save time overall making Jewellery instead of using the Jewellery Box in the POH.