Skeletal Mystic Solo Challenge Mode Guide – Cox – Chambers Of Xeric


Basic info

• Expected completion time: 2:15 (including Vasa pots)

• HP: 240 (x3)

• Attack rate: 4 ticks

• Attacks:

– Magical blast attack – max hit of 35 | 17

– Magical vulnerability attack

– max hit of 35 | 17

– Melee attack – max hit of 39, usually not selected when the player is praying melee


• Shadow is BIS here and occult is better than salve. Clips were made before ToA.

• As you run in, lure the first mystic into a northeast safespot and kill it.

Brew-Twisted or Brew-Overload to keep your HP high.

• Lure the other two mystics one by one. Wait until the preceding mystic is in melee mode before shooting the next one.

• Be aware that running through or shooting one in melee mode might make it switch into mage mode again.

• If you have a lot of supplies, or your overload is about to run out take some venges off prayer.

• Sometimes a mystic can get stuck in a bad spot so you just have to tank it (can 5t flinch) as shown in the example below.

• Sometimes you have to chance a punch while luring, just make sure you have high enough HP to tank it.

• If you’re about to lure the 2 mystics and overload is about to run out, you can twisted instead to make sure you don’t get comboed out.


• Includes tendril skip at the end