Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide – OSRS



Quest Requirements:

Skill/Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat a level 112 Khazard Warlord.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Monkey Madness

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Items Needed to Complete Quest:
6 Logs.

Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Armor, and a Weapon.

Items Acquired During Quest:
Orb of protection, Orbs of protection, and a Gnome amulet.

Quest Points:

11,450 Attack XP, Gnome amulet, and the ability to use the Spirit trees to travel.

Start Point:
Centre of Gnome maze.

To Start:
Speak to King Bolren.


Begin by heading to the northwest part of the maze, near Elkoy.

Step 1

Then use the map below to help you find your way through the maze to the Tree Gnome Village.

Maze Map

Once you’ve made your way through, squeeze past the railing into the village and talk to King Bolren by the Spirit tree. He’ll ask you to help their cause by retrieving 1 of 3 orbs of protection. Agree and you’ll be led to battlefield.

Step 2

Talk to Commander Montai to get the latest update on the battle. He will ask for you to get 6 logs to repair their defenses. Supply him with the logs, and he’ll tell you that three trackers that have been sent out to retrieve coordinates to fire the ballista have not returned. He asks you to find them.

Step 3

Head north to find the second tracker first. He’s in an oblong building in the north east part of the Khazard camp. Learn the y-coordinate is 5.

Step 4

Head west above the long building, the first gnome should be just along the wall of the building. Find that the height coordinate is 4.

Step 5

Head southwest corner of the battlefield to find the third tracker. He has been driven mad as a result of the chaos. Though most of what he says is garbage, he will give you a hint as to the number you need. You may have to do a bit of guesswork, though. For instance, “Less than my hands” would equal 1, where “More than my head” could be 2, “More than we but less than our feet” is 3, and lastly, “My legs and your legs” is 4.

Step 6

Cross back over the bridge to the Gnome side of the battlefield and you’ll find the Ballista to the southwest. Click on it and select the x-coordinate to fire at and break down the Khazard stronghold’s wall.

Note: The x-coordinate is random for all players. Should you miss, just try again and select another option until you get it right.

Step 7

Go to the northwestern building and climb over the wall. There will be two level 48 Khazard commanders, one downstairs and one upstairs, you can either tank them or kill them.

Step 8

Upon their defeat, open the chest on the second floor to get the orb. Return to Elkoy at the maze entrance and he’ll lead you back in.

Step 9

Speak to Bolren again, he is briefly thankful about your return, but now you learn that his family has been killed and the other 2 orbs taken by Khazard’s troops. Elkoy will guide you out of the maze again. Go north past the Khazard camp, then northwest and past level 64 Wolves to face the Khazard warlord (level 112) who holds the orbs.

Run past his guards and attack him. You should have food, which you should run and eat if your health gets low. Ranging and maging works well on him, since he cannot come out of a certain zone. Weaken him until you run out or he’s fairly weak, then charge him and kill him.

Step 10

Once he is dead you’ll get the orbs. Return once again to Elkoy, then to Bolren. He’ll tell you about the Spirit trees and give you your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Quest Complete